Hi Mike if you open a mobile phone it does not have much it in but it has a microprocessor, a programmed chip with  signals. Otherwise we would not be able to make a call.   Seems a big ask for not much inside a mobile phone when you can dial a call to say Canada from Australia and talk to the other person immediately. The science is definitely in that the human-made artificial signals that mobile phones emit- RF EMF/ microwaves – are harmful to humans. Open a Blushield mini portable, portable, plugin or large plugin and it has a microprocessor, a programmed chip with beneficial signals – scalar frequencies.

The body works with scalar waves and so does Nature. All fields in Nature are scalar waves, and in 1990, German physicist Professor Konstantin Meyl started research that detected that our whole body works with scalar waves, that the DNA transports information and energy with a magnetic scalar wave, that the nerves transport scalar waves, that the nodes Ranvier detected indicate a standing, longitudinal wave – a scalar wave. Scalar energy is non-linear, co-operative, and coherent. Our cells and tissues are non-linear, co-operative, and coherent systems.

The ‘informational content’ of Nature’s and Earth’s EMF signalling is like a set of operating instructions for human life. These environmental cues involve exquisitely critical frequencies with which all life on Earth evolved. Altered ‘informational content’ of environmental cues can swamp the body’s subtle natural EMF electromagnetic cues and result in dysregulation of normal biological rhythms that direct growth, development, metabolism and repair mechanisms.

Human-made EMF also emit signals with information. They are as they are, you cannot change information. EMF frequencies cannot be changed from the order they are already in. EMF protection devices claiming to modify signals are not valid. Nor can EMF be successfully blocked, harmonised or transmuted.

EMF alters the body’s electrical system – our subtle natural signals – which directs the chemical-messaging system in the brain. The brain directs all body processes. Physical and Mental disorders result. Blushield technology mimics Nature but much more powerfully so we are in the environment we are meant to be in, the environment that we evolved in, so our internal environment and our relationship with Nature is not interfered with. Blushield technology emits millions of scalar frequencies roughly every 30 seconds for 3 seconds, which is when the blue light flashes. As EMF is invisible so is scalar energy, the term commonly used for the underlying energy of the universe which is why we are able to exist. This energy that sustains life has been with us since the beginning.

Even though EMF is affecting me, I do not feel EMF. Also, I do not have any symptoms from EMF.  However I come across many who do experience symptoms and some people actually feel EMF.  I do not feel any different in a scalar field but many do and their quality of life is often dramatically improved.

The co-inventor spoke at the 2016 Nexus Conference and his presentation, MARK LANGDON: Scalar Energy and Electromagnetic Protection, is now available for purchase at


Following on from Nikola Tesla who accidentally released scalar waves and Albert Einstein who confirmed the existence of scalar waves  and documented how it could be used for the benefit of humanity, it took three brilliant minds to think of the concept, and thirty years for them to deliver the Blushield Tesla Gold series.  We are fortunate indeed to have this ‘active’ EMF protection due to the complexities involved in developing an effective device.   If an EMF protection device does not have a processor it is unable to override much stronger EMF, a challenging task indeed. ‘Passive’ devices do not have a processor. As far as I am aware, Blushield technology is the most advanced EMF protection available today.

Take care,

Donna Fisher