Tesla Gold Mini Battery Replacement 3 Pack


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Tesla Gold Series Mini Battery Replacement


Lithium batteries can be replaced by yourself easily, they are available through this website. It is a good thing to order a spare battery when you make your initial purchase to save ordering batteries at a later date and having to pay postage on them. Select your model and we will send you the battery to suit. Use a star (torx) screwdriver to open your Blushield and use the double sided tape (provided) to install your new battery. All new batteries use a plug connector system which is easy to install and remove. Contact us for further information should you require it.

WARNING: These batteries are non-rechargeable high power lithium’s. They are NOT RECHARGABLE and have to be replaced when flat.

Battery Life & Performance

Battery life depends on milliamp hour rating or mAH for short. We offer different products with different lithium batteries that have different life spans. The milliamp/hour rating is stated on each product page. Most batteries are expected to last from 1 to 2 years depending on the product. Lower mAH rating is shorter life than higher mAH rating.

Higher temperatures shorten battery life so this is only an indication of its life. Since we are not able to control the use of the product, we therefore can only estimate the life expectancy of any one battery at any one time. Leaving your product exposed to the hot sun or in a car window for extended periods will drastically shorten the life of your battery. Any rough treatment such as dropping the product may also cause the battery damage or render it useless.