I have the Elite ABS portable, here are the thing’s I’ve noticed in 6+ months of use:

– One thing’s for sure – I haven’t had one single headache since I bought it.
– And even though there are many reasons, this has been the happiest year for me that I can remember.
– I don’t have any random pains anymore. Nothing.
– I have a lot of energy and my mood is basically great all the time
– I can work on the computer as long as I care without getting pains and headaches
– My waking up process isn’t a total hell anymore. I can get up without tremendous effort.
– I don’t wake up at night at all from what I can tell – I sleep like a rock. I don’t snore. I don’t change position much at night.
– I can breathe very well, I don’t get exhausted from running like I used to.
– The only time I got very ill was just recently, autumn fever + sinusitis and yes, it was one of those very rare occasions I didn’t have Blushield with me at that time. Funny.
– I believe Blushield helped a lot when I was on antibiotics (it was my last choice, nothing else seemed to help, if even that) because of sinusitis.

Thank you for your amazing product.

K OjalaHelsinki, Finland